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I am told fairly often that writing is a gift. And it is.

You see, right now I am living two realities. There is of course everyday life (actually quite eventful on its own), whilst at the same time there is the other world that my characters are in. And where they go I go too. Because as long as your research has been done well enough, you can go anywhere you like, with anyone – even forward or backwards in time, and it is just so real.  You inhale the scent of it, taste, touch – it’s like being asleep, but knowing that you’re dreaming (I recommend pinching yourself first just to be sure), and then exploring and doing things you would ordinarily never do.

That is the gift of writing.


(Hoping it’s not also the descent into insanity, just quietly.)



Southland Book Tour

Last week I was forced to face one of my greatest personal demons – public speaking. I knew that to give presentations in front of large groups of people would be a huge challenge, but as I boarded the plane for Invercargill I carried with me the hope that they would become easier as time went on, which would be a great skill…

Well I have to say – they didn’t.

I was just as nervous before the eighth as I was at the first.

But do you know, something even better came from my book tour than mastering public speaking. I got the opportunity to meet the incredibly wonderful people of Southland. From the warmth of the Winton community, to the funkiest librarians in the world (Gore, if you’re ever passing), and of course the special characters in my new writer’s group - I feel proud and privileged to have spent such a memorable time with you.

Writing this book has had such far reaching consequences.

So I may not be able to stand in front of a crowd without my knees knocking, but I’ve formed a world of new friends.

And for that, I will be forever grateful.

First blog post

So as I perch here on the brink of the website about to go live (‘…just waiting for the blog, Sacha…’) I am wondering two things. Firstly, what-what-WHAT should I write? And secondly, how-on- EARTH did I get into this state of publication, websites and blogs?

And that, I guess, leads me to this:

To you sitting there right now (and yes, I mean you) – recruit yourself to be your own best friend/personal coach. Believe in yourself, and go after your goals. Make it happen. Whether it be competing in an ironman, running your own business, writing a book, losing weight, …whatever it is, please don’t give up!

Because you know what?

If I did it, you can too.