About Sacha de Bazin

Sacha was born in Tokoroa, New Zealand on January 18th 1973. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Diploma of Teaching.

For Sacha, writing is what she uses to keep her mind focussed. In terms of how she writes, there is no set schedule and she plans comprehensively in her head.

Only recently has she bought ‘The Notebook’ (other writers will know what we’re talking about) though it would be unusual for her to be able to locate it so she does all her initial planning and research using the backs of long sheets of wallpaper, far more difficult to lose! The Minnie Dean example took five sheets hung up all around a spare room.

When Sacha first learned of Minnie Dean she was intrigued by a woman – and a New Zealand one at that – who travelled about Southland on trains poking hatpins into babies. Gruesome, yes. But when she discovered that the woman may have been wrongly convicted – and that she had left behind a last statement … who wouldn’t want to read it?

Minnie’s story was unfinished. She had gone to her grave believing the New Zealand public would read her side of events – and it never happened. It became very important that she be given back her voice, and so The Day She Cradled Me was born.

Having well and truly caught the writing bug Sacha’s next project is already underway, once again a voice for someone silenced. Please tune in for regular updates on her blog page.

Hope to see you there!