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I am told fairly often that writing is a gift. And it is.

You see, right now I am living two realities. There is of course everyday life (actually quite eventful on its own), whilst at the same time there is the other world that my characters are in. And where they go I go too. Because as long as your research has been done well enough, you can go anywhere you like, with anyone – even forward or backwards in time, and it is just so real.  You inhale the scent of it, taste, touch – it’s like being asleep, but knowing that you’re dreaming (I recommend pinching yourself first just to be sure), and then exploring and doing things you would ordinarily never do.

That is the gift of writing.


(Hoping it’s not also the descent into insanity, just quietly.)



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  1. Karen JM says:

    I totally agree with you. You get sucked into your world and it takes over your life. I remember one story I wrote, the lead character often “talked” to me while I was driving, just so he had a captive audience… Ok, now I sound insane!

  2. Love the control you have over the characters – or that sense of control. Sometimes – like Karen says, you’re just being taken along for the ride! But what fun it is!

  3. Steve W says:

    Very nice writing there too. Hope the next project is as emotive.
    You have to be a little bit mad to start writing as it is. I look at it this way, if you’re worried about going off the deep end then you’re probably ok. It’s when you stop worrying you get in trouble. ^^

  4. Evelyn Figeroid says:

    Sitting here with Jose and Michael Hansard talking about your book! It sounds wonderful. I will be ordering a copy. I work at the Sacramento Public Library in California USA. I will ask if they will add a copy to our collection. Best wishes, Ev Figeroid

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