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So as I perch here on the brink of the website about to go live (‘…just waiting for the blog, Sacha…’) I am wondering two things. Firstly, what-what-WHAT should I write? And secondly, how-on- EARTH did I get into this state of publication, websites and blogs?

And that, I guess, leads me to this:

To you sitting there right now (and yes, I mean you) – recruit yourself to be your own best friend/personal coach. Believe in yourself, and go after your goals. Make it happen. Whether it be competing in an ironman, running your own business, writing a book, losing weight, …whatever it is, please don’t give up!

Because you know what?

If I did it, you can too.



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  1. I congratulate you on your success and so appreciate your words of encouragement to those of us who still dream of first publication! I will add your site to my blog rolls! Aloha e…AH

  2. Considering this is your first blogpost – it’s a rip-snorter of one! Especially love the last inspiring paragraph. Congratulations Sacha – I love your website :) I’ll be grilling you about your designer when I see you next.

  3. Winsome & Kevin says:

    Congratulations Sacha, love the website, the book is riveting and great to be able to see “what happened next” on the website. Very cool!

  4. Paul says:

    The subject of Minnie Dean has always fascinated me
    I don’t believe there is another example of European folklore in this country
    Examples such as “the greass would not grow on her grave” or that Minnie would “get children if they were naughty” have become belief systems, and have moved the myth to a dimension not that distand to nursery rhymes & legends
    I have read Lynley Hood’s and other books on the subject and I’m looking forward to your insight and depth into this subject matter
    It would be interesting to conduct a poll to establish how many New Zealanders know of the story or have heard the name of Minnie Dean; perhaps 1 in 10 would be aware of her name
    We ignore our history at our own peril!

  5. Yvonne says:

    Well done Sacha this is fabulous. I will be eagerly awaiting your next post!

  6. Marg says:

    now I don’t do “blogs” either but have to agree with LaVerne – this is an awesome design. Well done Sacha – you’re a legend!

  7. Rachelle says:

    The question will now become “Whom shall you cast when the NZ Film industry get wind of it and want to turn your fabulous book into a brilliant film??”

  8. Lani says:

    I was at your talk today at the Gore Library and it was wonderful. I so look forward to reading your book and congratulations on having your first novel published. I don’t think there are many authors that can say that! :)
    You mentioned tonight that you aren’t sure what to write in your blog – well it’s just about anything that is going on with you. Your readers will love hearing about your triumphs and obstacles along your way. Two blogs I check almost religiously are the wonderful Kiwi, Nalini Singh and Jeaniene Frost – they are always fun :)
    Best of luck Sacha,

  9. Jill and Anne says:

    Thursday night in the Gore library listening to you Sacha was a very good for thought – we came away feeling your energy and commitment – and much discussion on the goals we will now set. Will come back to you when we have read The Day She Cradled Me.

  10. Maureen van der Hilst says:

    Good afternoon Sacha,
    Want to say a huge thank you for your wonderful talk last night at the Gore Library.
    Got home and after tea and the dishes were done,I sat down and started your book.I know I should finish “The secret life of bees” but couldn’t wait to delve into the pages of your novel.
    Love it,love it,love it.
    Yes,it made me think of Minnie in a different light not just someone who was New Zealands first women to be hanged.
    Keep up the great work and am looking forward to your next novel.
    Happy writing.

  11. Penelope Perry says:

    Sacha your Southland events have been fantastic! Our people were enthralled by your talk and left some wonderful comments. Thank you for choosing part of our history to write about, and so wonderfully.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you and I will definitely keep in touch.

  12. Sarah says:

    I loved listening to you at the Winton Library. Your passion for Minnie Dean was so refreshing & I am waiting to sink my teeth into your book after I have finished reading the other books I have on Minnie Dean.
    I cant wait to hear about your next book, even a hint to what it is about.
    Keep up the amazing work, you have me hooked already!

  13. Trish says:

    Looking forward to hearing you speak at the library here in Nelson tomorrow.

  14. Sarah Christie says:

    Hi there Sacha, well done u have done it and u have done it so very well, I brought your first book on the night that you where talking at the Gore library, I love your book ans told everyone I know to buy it and read it, I truely have been inspired to write my own book I have never been confindent to do it till I meet you so now I have decided to go ahead and do it alos I keen on publishing my poetry also, Ur an angel and ur truley blessed, I look forward to reading all your books you writge I sure will bu them and add them to my book collection, Cheers Sarah xoxo

  15. Liz Harrison says:

    Hi Sacha…met you at the Invercargill library and bought the book,but just couldn’t put it down!..We emmigrated to NZ last year so didn’t know the original story,but felt that I was with Minnie every step of the way.Well done Sacha!…Looking forward to your next book.Bye for now,Liz.x

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